Sport Administrator – Helen Davies

Sport has a valuable role to play in the development of our youth; it is important for both physical and emotional growth. Our goal is to maximize the participation in sport at The Rock Academy so that our children will continue to grow in confidence and ability as they mature.

Youth sport should not have its main focus on winning. The focus needs to be on learning sport FUNdamentals. As a small school, we are going to have players of different ability levels in our teams and the message needs to be clear that representing The Rock Academy is about standing together and playing to the best of our ability. We want our program to be a fun and creative approach to improving athletic abilities. We want to teach the fundamentals in an exciting way that establishes a healthy attitude towards physical activity and paves the way towards a lifetime of interest and participation in sport and games.

  • The Physical Education program is part of the schools weekly timetable and is designed to keep children moving so that a healthy fitness standard is maintained. The program uses games to improve flexibility, to gain coordination, to build stamina, increase strength, maximize speed and enhance agility.
  • Afternoon sport sessions continue this theme, but in a more sport specific quality. The main focus is learning to work together in a team environment, to build responsibility and to test commitment. These life skills are valuable in sports and will, in turn, have a positive influence on how our youth develop socially.
  • Summer sport focuses on Athletics, Tennis, Ball Skills, Mini-Cricket and Movement Gymnastics.
  • Winter sport include Squash, Soccer, Netball, Ball Skills and Movement Gymnastics.

Why we love teaching sport:

Our coaches love sport and movement, at the same time they love sharing their knowledge and skill with our students. They are passionate about creating a fun-filled learning environment that encourages children to participate in physical activities, movement and sport.

What we hope that the students will get out of and enjoy about Sport and Physical Education:

Our goal is to encourage participation in sport and movement and games. We would love our students to play, to move, to make healthy choices now so that they are inspired to participate in some form of physical activity for their lifetimes.

I love this bit of journalistic imagery by Ben Wright:

“Watching and playing sport are important reminders of the equally obvious but frequently underappreciated fact that our bodies also come with benefits.  They allow us to move through space, interact with matter, bend a free kick, bowl an in-swinging leg break, sink a hole-in-one, play the piano, wield a paintbrush, bask in the sun and hug our kids.”

Sport programmes can be downloaded here.

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