Music – Mrs Cawood

“Music should be a child’s second Mother tongue” – G.Silvay

Class Music is part of Performing Arts in the subject LIFE SKILLS.

Lessons are 45 minutes, once a week. The whole school also attends choir once a week for 45 minutes.

Class Music lessons focus on developing the following in the student

  1. Instrumental / technical skill – recorder, voice, percussion (un-tuned and tuned – glockenspiel and xylophone)
  2. Musical hearing – pitch, rhythm
  3. Musical intellect – theory
  4. Enrichment of their emotional world

The curriculum goal is to keep these four elements in constant balance with each other. The level and pace of new concepts taught are graded accordingly.

Small group teaching provides a wonderful platform for ensemble playing.

The CAPS curriculum is followed and enriched with additional related materials. Western Classical music and concepts are explored as well as music representing the cultural diversity of the Western Cape and other nations.

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