Grade 7

About Grade 7 – Mrs Alison Stevens

Grade 7 is a year of exciting changes!

  • It is the first year of the Senior Phase.  At the end of this phase, matric subjects are selected so it is an important time of working out strengths and interests and deciding on the possible direction of future studies and careers.
  • Puberty generally starts at this time too.  Learning about why these things happen and how to cope with them is uncovered thoroughly in the syllabus. We take a good look a the pitfalls of making uninformed decisions and how they can be avoided by learning about them in advance. “Forewarned is forearmed!”
  • We study ancient African civilisations, surprisingly advanced! We take a look at slavery and its history in South Africa and try to understand the effect it has had on our continent and country. One of our favourite outings in the area is the beautiful and historic Groot Constantia, a great place to further our learning on the topic of slavery.
  • We learn about Acids and Bases and experiment with colourful indicators and get to understand the Periodic Table and its meanings. A morning lesson at Dalebrook Beach is the perfect way to learn about the amazing creatures in the intertidal zone and how the tides and seasons are caused.
  • The seed of entrepreneurship is planted and skills are learned as we apply our theory of business at Market Day. On this day we sell our wares to the rest of the school and then draw up the financial records of the exercise to show whether we achieved a profit or a loss!
  • In Technology we learn about the stages of the design process and then use them in creative, practical tasks.
  • In Maths we cement the foundations and then venture into Algebra, Integers and Probability.

Why I love teaching:

I love teaching Grade 7 as it is a very stimulating syllabus with lots of new material that the learners have not touched on before. The learners are also maturing and that is an awesome stage to be a part of. Teaching goes both ways – the teacher teaches the learners and is taught a lot by them too.

My favourite subject:

My favourite subject is Mathematics. I love the reliability of it! There is one correct answer – it is like solving puzzles and is useful in real life.

My wish for my students:

My wish for my students is that they would not waste their youth but would realise the potential and embrace it and that this would be a happy time in their lives.

Bible verse:

My verse for Grade 7, Jeremiah 17:7 – Blessed (favoured, lucky) are those who trust in the Lord and have made Him their hope and confidence.

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