Grade 5

Grade 5 – Mrs Lisa Verwayen

Grade 5 is an exciting year full of growth for the students. They are no longer the “babies” of the Intermediate Phase but rather growing to become confident and independant individuals.

Some highlights of the year include:

  • In term one we rediscover the hunter-gatherers and go on an outing to The Hout Bay Museum for an interactive lesson on the San people and then we walk to the Midden in Llandudno.
  • Term 2 is the camp term. This year we will be going to The Rocklands Centre near Simonstown. The students love the time away and the programme is so full and exciting that all return with many stories and experiences to share. Academically we explore plants and energy systems and we go on an outing to Kirstenbosch Gardens.
  • The highlight for the Grade 5 year will be the term we study Egypt as an ancient civilization. Who knew the Egyptians invented high heel shoes?
  • By term 3 the grade 5 class are rearing to move on to more complex and complicated academics. They are working fast, have opinions on many topics and are completing homework and projects independently.

What a very exciting time in a child’s life to be in Grade 5!

Why I love teaching:

I love teaching because every day is different. The joy of learning and the heartbreak of not understanding can be ever changing. No two days are ever the same and no classes are ever the same. The joy and excitement on a learners face as they create or learn something new can never be reinvented anywhere else.

My favourite subject:

My favourite subjects are Maths and History. I enjoy the creative component of the History lessons and learning becomes a lot of fun. Maths can be very daunting for some children and I enjoy showing them that they are very able and capable of tackling any Maths problem if they take it step by step.

My wish for my students:

My wish for the children in my class is that they become confident enough to make descisions as well as mistakes in order to become the best version of themselves they can be.

Bible verse:

It is clear that God helps you in everything  you do. Genesis 21:22

The Lord will keep you from all harm  Psalm 121:7

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