Grade 2

About Grade 2 – Mrs Haidee Gouws

Grade 2 is a fun-filled year of growth and adventure!

In the first term we tackle the very interesting Baptist Union Bible Challenge lessons. From term two onward, we learn about various people of the Bible, their character traits and what brought them close to God.The children love these lessons, which help them to build their own character and really brings the Bible to life for them.

– Our theme in term one is Ocean Creatures. This is a very exciting theme as the children learn about things which are right under their noses! We visit the Save our Seas Foundation and explore the Dalebrook Rock pools, which is a fantastic opportunity to teach the children about conservation.

– The second term is all about birds and a visit to The World of Birds in Hout Bay brings it all to life!

– Our Reptile Theme in term three is a favourite for the boys. They love learning about these scaly creatures! Even the girls are brave and hold snakes when we go and visit the reptile farm.

– In term four we look at insects and ‘minibeasts’, collecting and studying them in class, learning all about metamorphosis and life cycles.

– We are learning to do our own research and interpret information by doing projects on our Chromebooks. The children are really enjoying the independence this gives them, as I am a facilitator in the classroom and they are collaborators, working together and sharing their knowledge and technological expertise.

Why I love teaching:

Teaching has to be the best job in the world! There’s no better way to start each day greeted by a sea of smiling faces and lots of loving hugs. Not one day is like another and not one year is ever the same. Watching each child learn and grow daily is very fulfilling!

My favourite subject:

I enjoy all subjects in Grade 2. All learning areas cross over each other and cannot be isolated. I love it when the children work happily, helping each other, tackling corrections and facing up to challenges.

My wish for my students:

My wish for my students is that they embrace their uniqueness and continue to grow in character so that they can make a valuable contribution to society one day. I want them to know that they can make a difference and that they will achieve their goals if they believe in themselves. I always tell them that if they can honestly tell themselves that they have done their best, then they truly have.

Bible verse:

My favourite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.

A verse for the children is: Philipians 2:14-15 – Do everything without complaining and arguing. Live clean, innocent lives, shining like bright stars.

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