Grade 1

About Grade 1 – Mrs Vivianne McDougall

Grade 1 is an exciting year!

  • It is the second year of the Foundation Phase.  It is the year when we move from concrete to semi-concrete to abstract work.
  • In Maths we learn about our numbers from 1-10. We learn bonds to 10, 1 more, 1 less and in-between.  We learn how to decompose numbers and estimation.  The best part is that we learn to tell time!
  • In Phonics we learn about the different sounds of the letters.  We learn how to put them together to sound out words.
  • We learn about ons gesin, kamers in ons huis, tel tot 10, vrugte en groente en ook aksie rympies in Afrikaans.
  • We write on salt trays, whiteboards, draw patterns, exercise our fingers and wrists all to help prepare us for our very formal handwriting lessons.
  • Our reading lessons are great fun!  We learn to read from the Beehive readers in class. We have our ‘box of tricks’ where we put words together to form sentences.  The Oxford readers are sent home to be read to our parents.
  • We collect Easter eggs in Term 1 for a pre-school as our outreach.

Why I love teaching:

Young children are spontaneous, eager to learn and quick to show love and compassion.  They are eager to absorb new information. I regard it as a great privilege to be able to help a young child build a good, solid foundation for their future education. The absolute joy and delight they get from understanding a concept or mastering a skill is very rewarding.

My favourite subject:

Reading is my absolute favourite subject to teach. The surprise and delight on every child’s face when they realise that funny squiggles form letters, letters form words and words form sentences which they are able to read!

My wish for my students:

My hope for each student is that they would grow in confidence and stature as they master the many new concepts and skills taught to them this year. My wish is that they would form solid friendships with their classmates.  My prayer for each of them, is to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and the One to whom they can always turn.

Bible verse:

Proverbs 1:15 a – A wise child will hear and increase learning.

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