Dramatic Arts – Michaela O’Toole

“Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, and then finding myself in there” – Meryl Streep

The subject of DRAMATIC ARTS is part of our Life Orientation skills here at the Rock Academy. Once a week we have a 45-minute class where we teach our students about improvisation, staging, acting techniques, characterisation and projection.

In our classes, we focus on developing the child’s strengths as an individual as well as working in a group setting and environment. Drama is not just a subject of practicality but a subject of theory as well. This year we will be focusing on modulation, resonance and articulation skills while also honing on each child’s creativity and imaginative ideas when it comes to improvisation work, mime skills and scripted scenes.

Drama is a wonderful outlet for introverted kids to climb out their shell as well as confident kids to shine in their strengths. These improvements and developments in every student’s acting will, therefore, be showcased in a school play, skit or talent show that will be put on once a year for all family members and friends to attend.

At The Rock Academy we are going to bring art alive together!

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