The Rock Academy - Art

While many schools may cut the art programme to save on financial resources, the Rock Academy has always recognised the importance of students being exposed to art and have embraced all the students learn through creative art making.

Not only does art class create a breather from left brain subjects, it enables students to explore their world’s through colour, texture and visual creativity.

It is now widely accepted that students engaging in art perform better in academic subjects. The ability to respect other people’s diverse differences is practised, whilst developing motor skills,  critical thinking and decision making.

The art curriculum begins with colour and how we can make different colours. We explore line, tone, proportions and perspective.  Students get exposed to a wide variety of different materials and mediums.

We study the great masters and imitate their art. Abstract, impressionistic and modern art styles are explored.

Creative expression is encouraged, alongside developing artistic skills and confidence.

Picasso said that the purpose of art was to wash the dust of daily life off our souls. I’m privileged to come alongside students and facilitate the soul dusting.

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