Code of Conduct

The Rock Academy - Code of Conduct



• Students may not talk while leading out of the school area into the church building.
• Students may not run or play in the school building.
• Students must keep to the left and walk in single file.
• Students are allowed to remain in their classrooms on rainy days.


• Students must be standing neatly in their class lines by the second bell and then remain quiet.


• Skateboarding, rollerblading and soccer are only allowed during second break and only in the allocated area.
• No bullying.
• No disrupting of other students’ games.


• No students may leave the school grounds unless under adult supervision or with special permission from the principal.


• No swearing.
• No bullying.
• No disrupting of other students’ right to education.
• No insolence towards teachers.
• No back-chatting.
• No writing on any walls or littering.
• No defacing or destroying of school equipment.
• No chewing gum is allowed on the school premises.
• Do not deny or cover up responsibility for mistakes or deliberate wrongdoing.
• Library books must be returned on time and be properly cared for while in a child’s possession.
• No student shall in any manner bring the name of the school into disrepute.
• Identifiable uniform may not be sold to anyone as casual wear.
• If a child is being fetched from school early or by anyone other than the parent, the teacher must be notified by the parent.
• Students must be at school at least 5 minutes before the start of the school day.
• No student may take any possession belonging to another person or institution without the necessary permission.
• No student may search through another person’s possessions without their consent.
• Arriving punctually for the commencement of school and any extramural or extracurricular activities is essential.


• Students will stand when addressed by an adult, except in the classroom under specific circumstances.
• Students must stand aside for adults to pass and must greet them politely.
• Tolerance and respect for others are expected.
• Be kind, considerate, helpful and friendly to others.